El sueño de la razón produce monstruos

by Vin de Mia Trix



Self-released digitally in 2009.
Re-released as pro CD-R by Satanarsa Records in 2010 with live bonus track.
Please visit stn-r.narod.ru to order a physical copy.


released September 6, 2009

Ur-Quan - vocals
Nightspirit - guitars
Sathor - guitars
Lehm - bass, acoustic guitars
Vita - drums

Design by Ivan "Vanom" Alekseev
Works of Fransisco Goya were used in the design
Mixed and mastered by Nightspirit



all rights reserved


Vin de Mia Trix Kiev, Ukraine

VdMT is a band from Kyiv, Ukraine, formed in late 2007. Its music is a blend of different doom metal subgenres with various elements of other styles. Lengthy mid-tempo opuses with crushing funeral riffs morphing into melancholic acoustic passages create mysterious and dark atmosphere, inspired by the moods and sounds that dominated Scandinavian metal scene in mid-1990s. ... more

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Track Name: The Sleep Of Reason
What lurks beyond the veil?
What does that thin shroud hide?
What horrors'd be revealed
Deep down inside your mind?

Thin shell of consciousness
Contains the things unknown

Lost control, weakened grip
Panic lashes like a whip
Fearsome voices from inside
Eyes that stare forever blind

When imagination breaks
Free from sanity's grasp
Something inside awakes
To rip away the mask

Of false civilisation,
Of centuries of lies
The primal fear and anger
Claw through this foul disguise

The sleep of reason produces monsters
The sleep of reason produces monsters
The sleep of reason produces monsters

...Monsters that humans really are.
Track Name: Nocturne
When spears of daylight
No longer pierce the sky
When stars emerge
When silent moon arrives

Feel the breath of night
Gentle touch on your face
See shadows entwine
In their twisted embrace

Obscured, unseen
What once was clear
Weird broken shapes,
Uncertain fear

Grotesque figures
Under blackened sky
Nothing remains (unchanged)
In the absence of light

Fright fills
Your soul to brim
In web of shadows
See faces grim

Left all alone
In the realm of the night
To face own terrors
Once hidden from sight