Once Hidden From Sight

by Vin de Mia Trix

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Recorded in 2010-2011 at Nightspirit Studio, Kyiv.
Piano recorded in August 2010 at R. Glier Higher Music College Studio, Kyiv.
Mixed and mastered by S. Pokhvala.

Music by S. Pokhvala & Vin de Mia Trix, except tracks 3 and 6 by A. Vynogradoff.
Lyrics by A. Tkachenko (tracks 1, 4 and 7) and A. Vynogradoff (2, 5, 8).

Artwork & photography by Daniil Kontorovich (Tertius Alio).
Logo & CD design by Ivan ‘Vanom’ Alekseev.
Layout by Vladimir Prokofiev (Paint-It-Black Design)

Released by Hypnotic Dirge Records and Solitude Productions
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"An intelligent, articulate and carefully-considered piece of work."
- Doom-metal.com


released August 26, 2013

Serge Pokhvala - Guitars, Samples
Andrew Tkachenko - Vocals
Alex Vynogradoff - Bass, Vocals, Guitars, Piano



all rights reserved


Vin de Mia Trix Kiev, Ukraine

VdMT is a band from Kyiv, Ukraine, formed in late 2007. Its music is a blend of different doom metal subgenres with various elements of other styles. Lengthy mid-tempo opuses with crushing funeral riffs morphing into melancholic acoustic passages create mysterious and dark atmosphere, inspired by the moods and sounds that dominated Scandinavian metal scene in mid-1990s. ... more

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Track Name: A Study In Scarlet
Numb and lifeless nights
Keep bringing me twisted dreams
There's no rest for a tortured mind
And the darkness brings me no peace

Grey hordes
Of bleak days
March onward
Crushing me


I descend to darkest depths
I crawl away from the Sun
My heartbeat slows with every step
Soon I will be forever gone

I dream of plagues
Scourging humankind
I whisper ancient names
That carve into my mind

Fear flows through me
The blackest horror
Morbid image
Of otherworldly sorrow
Track Name: Nowhere Is Here
So was this your sweetest dream,
The peak of your desires?
To conquer and to rule,
Cognize and analyze.

This persistent electric light
Of your ever-glowing reason
Is but a torch in the heart of caves:
Seeing something, you miss the whole.

You say that gods are dead,
So who’d you worship now?
Some truths, they never change
As laws and customs do.

I saw your shining kingdom
Of glass and stainless steel.
No gallows or noisome gutters,
But why so cold and bleak?

Staring at the abyss,
Is it you who stare?
You’ve explained both stars and atoms,
But where do those nightmares come from?

You’ve lit the blackest night.
…Have you evaded the dark?
Track Name: The Sleep of Reason
What lurks beyond the veil?
What does that thin shroud hide?
What horrors'd be revealed
Deep down inside your mind?

Thin shell of consciousness
Contains the things unknown

Lost control, weakened grip
Panic lashes like a whip
Fearsome voices from inside
Eyes that stare forever blind

When imagination breaks
Free from sanity's grasp
Something inside awakes
To rip away the mask

Of false civilisation,
Of centuries of lies
The primal fear and anger
Claw through this foul disguise

The sleep of reason produces monsters
The sleep of reason produces monsters
The sleep of reason produces monsters

...Monsters that humans really are.
Track Name: Silent World
As the Sun goes down
Its light is brighter

As the river flows
It has no end

The depth is high
For words to reach
Therefore the world is quiet

Our mother tongue was once a song
The ancient hymn of silence
Sung by the flights of voiceless birds
That wend their way to sunrise

…Our doom, to speak
And say nothing
To think eternally
And not to dream
To build the ruins
And celebrate
Another day of our defeat

We’re blind to see
The river’s bottom
We’re deaf to hear
Its whispering call
And yet the water’s still and quiet
Awaiting silver wind to blow

The world is silent…
Track Name: Metamorphosis
Amorphous shapes of flesh
A living masterpiece
Extreme of evolution

Achievement of the progress
A larva for the future
A symbol of rebirth
A sign of things to come


Aspiring to transcendence
Enigma of the Life
A body so perfect
So eager to survive

Suffering through torture
Crawling through the pain
Struggling for the future
To start it all again

Track Name: मातृ (mātṛ)
…That night I crawled back
Into the womb
To see again
Your dreams in black & white
…to meet your demons

The Raven
The Worm
The Dog

I descended
Circle by circle
I danced with shadows
And sang with the dumb
I drank the black nectar of life & joy
I ate the white salt of truth

…This morning I look at the snow
The cerement of the world is blinding white
Crows’ silhouettes above paint black
Across the dirty milky canvas of the sky

The triumph of the moment
The coldness of its splendour
Give meaning to the hollow
Turn mourning into mirth

Let the bliss reign
Today is the festival
Will you ever have another chance
To revel at your own funeral?

Shout and scream
Pour the rivers of wine
Sing the hymns and dirges, all at once
For it’s your last time…

Our answers lie beneath the snowy shroud
The warmth of breath won’t melt away the ice
Only the Sun will, burning the eyes
Boiling the blood, tearing off the flesh
To the white bone
To the black stone

So sweet of them
To let this tragedy persist
To play the ancient drama
Of setting us face to face
With ourselves

The Worm
The Dog
The Raven

We grope our way in the dark
Where even snow seems black
We seek for purport
In the desert
Where only wind can speak
Thus, endless is our wandering,
For what we long for is the end

…Crows’ silhouettes paint black
Across the canvas of the sky
The symbols they evoke
Are yet to be deciphered…